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Downloads, Tutorial, Documentation

  • Run Blast2GO by Java Web Start (here)
  • Documentation and Quick-Start tutorial for an easy start-up with Blast2GO: PDF
  • Installation manual on how to set up a local Blast2GO database: here
  • Install a local www-BLAST server: click here
  • Mini-Tutorial on how to prepare and blast locally a GO fasta database for further import into Blast2GO: here
  • B2G4PIPE - A version for B2G annotation without FrontEnd (GUI) for Pipeline Integration
    • Version 2.3.4: WIN and LINUX
    • Version 2.3.5: LINUX/MAC ( This version also parses and merges InterPro Scan Results )
  • Example files to try and test Blast2GO:

Script provided by Blast2GO users for Blast2GO users

These scripts are provided as-is. Please contact the respective authors for more information/feedback.

  • split and translate big blast output (txt formated) into several files in xml format: Author: Laurent Marc
  • split big blast output (xml formated) into severals files: Author: Laurent Marc
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